Research shows that people who write down their goals, review them often and share them with friends, are successful in achieving their life goals and living their dreams. You can take these steps easily and quickly by using easyGOALS, a virtual life coach with an interactive workshop and state-of-the-art management interface. The process allows you to tap into your “Hollywood director” by archiving images for your very own personal goals movie.

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What Is easyGoals?

A Fast And Fun Way To Design The Life You Want, Energize Plans To Get It,

And Engage A Coach To Help You Succeed

Design Center – Dream Big!

Design the life you really want.

It starts with the easyGOALS Streaming Workshop. Get clear on what you really want out of life. From fitness to finances, relationships to personal pursuits, the easyGOALS Streaming Workshop asks all the right questions. Your answers will reveal extraordinary opportunities.

Life Library

Your place to keep it organized.

Your dreams and goals are saved and organized in the Life Library section of your easyGOALS account. You can add pictures, make plans, journal and more. Create your own virtual dream board and watch your goals come to life.

Mobile Automated Coaching

We call him coach MAC

Yes, you get a free coach. We call him Coach MAC and his job is to provide inspiration, motivation and accountability. He’s a genius at keeping you engaged, using text, email and video. With a little help, you can do anything!



The Features To Design & Live An Extraordinary Life:

The Design Center – Video Goal Setting Workshop

  • Spend some quality time with our video, interactive, online workshop choosing and setting your goals.
  • Replay the video interactive workshop, on-demand to review, reset, and redo your goals as many times as you’d like.

The Life Library – Manage Your Goals 24/7/365

  • Our neatly organized dashboard makes managing your goals a snap.
  • Edit, delete, add, print, re-prioritize, you name it… any and all of the free EasyGoals features are available to you, day or night, anywhere you have access to the internet, 365 days a year!

Powerful Motivating Images

  • Choose from our gallery or upload your own
  • Attach images to your goals: Put emotion, power and possibility behind any or all of your goals by adding images (up to three pictures per goal). We’ve got a gallery with thousands of powerful, motivating images for you to choose from or upload your own. It’s easy.

Text Motivation

  • 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 times a week – you decide the frequency.
  • Receive text messages containing motivating and inspiring messages and if you’ve got a smart phone or web enabled device – a live link to your personal goals movie.

Email Motivation

  • 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 times a week – you decide the frequency.
  • Have messages containing your top most important goals sent to your email. Get motivated and inspired like never before as you read your email. Watch your personal goals movie. Great alternative for people without smart phones.

Set Target Timelines to Achieve

  • How fast do you want to achieve?
  • 1 month, 6 month, 1 year, 5 years, or 10 years.

Personal Goals Movie

  • See your goals brought to life in this personal and powerful display. Your goals transformed into power statements combined with the images you’ve attached bring possibility, motivation and energy to your day every time you watch it! We’ll send an instant link to your movie with your daily text and email motivational messages, or play it any time from your EasyGoals dashboard.

Mobile Web Application

  • Be it a smartphone, tablet, net book or other cool gadget, you’ll have access to all your goals 24/7/365. If you’ve got access to the web you’ve got access to EasyGoals and your “mobile web optimized” EasyGoals features.

Complete Goals Review

  • You’ll receive a complete print out of your entire list of goals; including your top most important goals as well as your lists for Health & Fitness, Career & Financial, and Family & Personal Goals.
  • You decide how often: Once a month, once a quarter or every other month.

Print Your Goal Lists In Detail, Including Motivating Images

  • Print Top Goals.
  • Print by Category: Health & Fitness, Career & Financial, Family & Personal.
  • Print your entire goals list; see all your goals in one neatly sorted list.

Journal and Track Your Progress and Plans

  • Record your thoughts, make plans, record your progress, or whatever you’d like to say in our date-stamped journal.

Set Goals or Create Lists by Category

  • Want to skip the workshop – no problem just type your goals in by category
  • Health & Fitness Goals.
  • Career & Financial Goals.
  • Family & Personal Goals.

Prioritize Your Top Most Important Goals

  • Choose your top most important goals and we’ll neatly organize them so you can narrow your focus and concentrate your efforts for quick achievement.

Enter Your Reasons to Achieve

  • Write and record the reasons why you want to achieve.
  • Get clear on your motives and create your own motivation.

And more…



Ready To Take Your Goals To The Next Level?

Then Upgrade To One Of Our Premium Packages


There’s no genie in a bottle waiting to take you to your dream life. Overnight success? Forget about it! You must invest the time, work and energy to get the life you want. There’s no way around it, but there is an innovative and affordable way to do it. With Premium you get:

  • Unlimited goals
  • 3 times the images per goal. Upload your own personal images
  • Goal reminders, inspirational messages and personal goals movie delivered via text and/or email unlimited scheduling each week


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If you are a Financial Service Advisor, the easiest way to achieve your goals and catapult your career is AdvisorGOALS, your strategic-planning and goal-setting headquarters. We also offer specific workshops for Real Estate Agents, Insurance Professionals and Network Marketing & MLM Business Owners. Become more effective and see tangible results.

  • Soar to the top of your profession
  • Make more money than ever before
  • Be more efficient in your workday

$12 A MONTH, $59 FOR 6 MOS OR $99 A YEAR

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Designed for Real Estate Agents, AgentGOALS is a customized workshop, coaching system and management platform, that uses industry best practices and professional expertise to help you increase commissions build a stronger client base and succeed in your career like never before.

  • Become more organized
  • Implement time management strategies
  • Create new business connections

$12 A MONTH, $59 FOR 6 MOS OR $99 A YEAR

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With the InsuranceAgentGOALS goal-setting workshop and strategic-planning session, you will take your career to the next level and answer questions such as:

  • How many clients do you want to help this year?
  • How much commission do you want to make annually?
  • How many clients must you meet to make your sales goals?
  • Which organizations and associations should you join?
  • How do you want to brand yourself?

$12 A MONTH, $59 FOR 6 MOS OR $99 A YEAR

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Only 1 percent of people regularly review their written goals, and they earn nine times more income than people who don’t set goals. Be part of the 1 percent and add MyGOALSandDreams to your arsenal of tools to grow your business and build your wealth.

  • Designed For Network Marketing and MLM Business Owners.
  • Simple workshop to help you set your goals
  • Design your virtual dreamboard
  • Create your personal goals movie

$12 A MONTH, $59 FOR 6 MOS OR $99 A YEAR

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Private-Label easyGOALS

Put our powerful platform to work for your organization. We can customize our workshop, library and coaching system to fit your needs. Your content in our framework makes an excellent combination. It’s cost-effective and quick. Contact us today to find out how.

  • Customize easyGOALS
  • Goals add value to any group
  • Learn how quick and easy it is to get a private-label, branded version for your organization.

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