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Use 22Touch to consistently generate more leads, referrals, and clients. This is achieved by helping you build better relationships with the people who can help your business grow. We make it easy by giving you a predetermined ‘touch’ schedule that tells you who to contact, when to contact and how.

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How 22Touch Works

The Why Behind 22Touch



The Features Of 22Touch

Classify Your Contacts

22Touch provides a predetermined schedule of ‘touch’ activities for you to follow. Based on how you classify your contacts (A, B, C or D), the system will automatically assign them a ‘touch’ schedule. You simply log in each day and see who you need to contact and how. We also provide tools like the Intelligent Touch Assistant™ that help make your contact more meaningful. The 22Touch process:

  • Add your contacts. Import directly from Linkedin, Salesforce, Outlook, Apple Mail or a simple .CSV file.
  • Prioritize your contacts. Only your most important contacts should be in 22Touch. You’ll assign each to a list: A, B, C or D, depending on how often you’d like to be in touch with them. A’s get 22 touches/year, B’s get 12, C’s get 4, and D’s are in reserve.
  • Follow the schedule. 22Touch automatically schedules touches based on how much interaction you’d like to have. Each day, we’ll tell you who to contact and how.

Lead Generation

Every company could benefit from more leads, especially leads that come by way of referral. Referred prospects are 6x more likely to become a client/customer and are 3x more likely to stay with your company for at least one year. 22Touch users average 24 referrals per year. What could that mean for your business?

  • 22Touch does what you wish Linkedin would. 22Touch helps by giving you a consistent schedule of ‘touch’ activities to complete that are designed to build relationships in a sincere way. Linkedin provides the contacts, 22Touch provides the system to turn them into more referrals.
  • People will do business with those they know, like and trust, but how do you build that type of relationship? 22Touch provides a process to turn a cold contact into a genuine friendship through pre-scheduled ‘touches’ to your most important contacts, supported by ‘picked for you’ value items of interest you can send to your contacts that create a desire on their behalf to reciprocate with referrals.
  • 22Touch fits into your lead generation process by leveraging it’s power to fill your CRM with prospects, keep up with current clients, reach out to referral partners and strengthen relationships with colleagues. Every contact has the ability to help you succeed.

Relationship Focus

What makes 22Touch so unique is how we help you focus on building relationships. It happens by having consistent, genuine interaction with people. Over time, you build trust and earn the right to ask for referrals.

  • Classifying your relationships – Use 22Touch to customize the amount of interaction you’d like to have with each one of your contacts. We’ll set the schedule and remind you when it’s time to get in touch.
  • Easily assign contacts to a list – Quickly go through each contact and assign them to a list with the click of a button. You can change this in the future and their touch schedule will automatically be updated.
  • Store relational details in their profile – Not only can you keep track of their standard contact information, you’ll also be able to keep track of relational details such as their birthday, spouse’s name, children’s names and their anniversary.
  • Sort by: A/B/C/D list, name, email or company – Type in a contact’s name, email or company and the system will show your results instantly.
  • Assign multiple contacts to a single list with one click – Move multiple contacts at a time from list to list. The system will automatically update their touch schedule based on their new list assignment.

Auto-Scheduled Touch Activities Each Day

As you assign each contact to a list (A, B, C, D), the system will create a ‘touch schedule’ unique to each contact. This means you won’t always start out with the same touch type for each contact (i.e. always a Phone Call). The touches will be spread out evenly over the course of a year to make sure you’re keeping in consistent contact.

  • Email Touch – Take time to send emails outside of your normal business conversation (if applicable) and use it as an opportunity to send news articles, e-books, websites, etc., that are relevant to them and their interests.
  • Phone Call Touch – Take the time to call your ‘A’ list and use the opportunity to get to know them better as a person.
  • Face-to-face Touch – Take time to connect face-to-face by dropping by their office.
  • Handwritten Note Touch – When was the last time you’ve received a personal note from someone? Why not send these out to the people who could refer you more business and make them feel that way about you?
  • Birthday Touch Or Anniversary Touch – Record your contact’s milestone in their profile and the system will automatically prompt you to get in touch with them on that day each year.

Keep in Touch – Thoughtfully

Relationships grow when you can show you care. Our Intelligent Touch Assistant™ (ITA™) tool makes it easy to make a genuine connection. It puts articles, blogs, websites, videos at your fingertips related to your contact’s interests.

For example, record that Joe likes fly fishing in his 22Touch profile and the Intelligent Touch Assistant™ will recommend quality articles, blogs, websites, and videos about fly fishing that you can use when contacting him. The content is always at your fingertips and customized to their interests. You’ll never worry about what to say to a prospect or client again, simply check your ITA™ for content and you’ll be armed with relevant talking-points able to make your contact feel special because you remembered their interests.

  • Step 1: Choose a contact and select one of their pre-saved interests (or you can enter a new interest).
  • Step 2: Choose an article to preview and then send an email directly from 22Touch and your article will be attached. And that’s it, you’ve completed your touch!

Additional Features

Here are some of the additional features and benefits that we offer with the 22Touch system.

  • Easy to Use – No learning curve, just simple, easy-to-use software that you can set up start using in minutes.
  • 10 Minutes a Day – Relationship building doesn’t have to take a lot of time. We give the tools and tell you what to do to be successful.
  • Proven Methodology – On average, a 22Touch user will generate 24 referrals per year. Imagine what that could do for your business.
  • Your ‘Referral Machine’ – You put in your contacts and 22Touch does all the heavy lifting. Just follow the directions each day. Simple.
  • Subscribe and you’ll get our 90-day, 3x your money back guarantee! – That means if you don’t make at least 3x what the system costs you in 90 days, we will refund your money with no questions asked.
  • Accessible Anywhere – You can access your account from any web browser. Use your account at home, work, or on the go.